Keep Residents and Staff Safe

Gain the ability to quickly and reliably reach residents, staff and emergency personnel, over any device, during both public safety threats and more routine community events.

Keep the Community Informed


Critical situations like severe weather and criminal activity require information to be shared quickly and effectively with residents no matter how they choose to receive information.

The Everbridge Solution

Reach the Right People, at the Right Time

Everbridge keeps residents safe and informed and ensures they get the right message through a multi-modal (cell phone, e-mail, landline phones, etc.) approach with the option to require confirmation of receipt.


Know Where Residents, Staff, And Responders Are Located

PrecisionGIS shows you the static location for key personnel, residents and allows you to customize your organizations view with custom maps, display details like fire zones and Tier 2 HAZMAT storage.


Scale to Meet Your Needs

Everbridge’s platform is designed to deliver millions of messages per hour with the ability to adjust call volume to not overwhelm local phone exchanges. That is why the states of Florida and Connecticut rely on Everbridge for their most critical communications.

Quickly and Easily Broadcast via FEMA’s IPAWS

Mass Notification for Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) takes traditional notifications to the next level, making it easier for authorized public safety officials to target and launch alerts to individuals who may be in harm’s way, without the need to download an app or subscribe to a service.


Ken Parish Program Manager, Pierce County
We have found that Everbridge is an invaluable tool that allows us to stay connected with community members and rapidly communicate critical information to them when necessary. Before Everbridge, we relied on a less powerful notification service, and it took us two to three hours to send a message to 5,000 people. Using Everbridge, we have notified 10,000 people in less than 15 minutes.

Automate Severe Weather Alerts


Severe weather moves quickly and requires automated outreach when residents need to take shelter or evacuate quickly, relying on a manual approach is not nearly as effective.

The Everbridge Solution

National Weather Service Alerts PLUS

Everbridge’s SMARTWeather Alerting leverage AccuWeather and Weather Decision Technologies to provide location-specific severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service at the speed of a click to keep everyone informed and safe.

Improve Resident Safety for Severe Lightning

Leverage accurate lightning warnings for specific locations like stadiums and sports fields to have plenty of time to keep residents safe and get back to the game quickly.

Operational Threshold-based Weather Alerts

Set early warning alerts for DPW and Emergency Management staff who cannot afford to rely on local or 'free' weather reports for accurate information and need an automated way to warn local and regional managers to potentially severe weather.

Satellite and Infrared Displays

SMARTWeather’s infrared displays allow for even more precise location-specific weather alerts so notifications get to the right people with speed and accuracy.

Ed Reuter Emergency 911 Director, Bartholomew County, IN
Everbridge allows us to refine notifications so that they only target the areas affected by the weather warnings. Upon receiving notifications from the National Weather Service, all sirens within the county are activated regardless of the actual location of the bad weather. Using Everbridge, citizens know that if they receive a warning message on their cell phone, land line or email, they are in the “hot” zone of where the storm is likely to occur.

Increase Resident Opt-ins


Today, most people rely on their mobile phone as their primary contact device and fewer people have traditional landline telephone numbers. Simply buying 911 and White page data is no longer enough. No matter how state-of-the-art your system may be, contacting citizens can be a difficult task without the proper information in your system. Ensure the quality of your data by providing multiple opt-in methods, including zip code and event keyword-based opt-ins.

The Everbridge Solution

Be Confident in Your Municipality’s Ability to Reach Residents

Ensure the quality of your resident data by providing an opt-in portal to Identify additional ways for residents to receive information that is relevant to them, including special needs, locations and preferred contact paths and devices.

'One-click' Social Media Publishing

Local authorities and law enforcement can use the power of social media as a way to inform residents, report success and even solve crime.  Everbridge Community Engagement provides ‘one-click publishing’ to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and your community website.


Increase your opt-in power

Community Engagement features multiple opt-in methods to provide residents, visitors, employees and other community members with the ability to easily sign-up for:

  • Anonymous mobile opt-ins: Residents can text their zip code to 888777
  • Keyword opt-ins: Leverage and promote events based on keywords for sporting events, festivals, concerts and conventions

Start a Two-Way Dialog

The free ContactBridge mobile application encourages neighbors to share tips with law enforcement, enabling the community to work together to raise safety concerns, help find missing kids and organize other neighborhood activities.

Soraya Sutherlin Emergency Services Manager, City of Torrance
The system, which we have named TorranceAlerts, is very customizable to the individual so we are not overwhelming them with an abundance of non-emergency messages. We encourage all residents to register and “opt-in” at TorranceCA.Gov/TorranceAlerts. Depending on their preferences, residents can receive Everbridge notifications on anything from street sweeping and water conservation, to library services and building code issues. Residents can also stay engaged with the community through our TorranceAlerts Twitter and Facebook handles as well.

Respond to Incidents Quickly and Efficiently


Every day, there are unique public safety issues and other local events that impact the lives of residents, government workers and first responders. Notifying response teams or keeping residents informed often falls on busy dispatch teams who are managing multiple responsibilities and need to send consistent, error-free and complete messages for the same incident every time to responders and stakeholders.

The Everbridge Solution

Proper Prior Preparation

Plan ahead for any relevant emergency event with Incident Management. Decrease the time it takes to send out a broadcast by utilizing communications templates that include pre-defined messages, delivery paths, recipients and more. With 'one-click' you can send out multiple separate communications depending on the incident type, public safety group or hazardous response.

Automate on-call outreach

Speed up on-call outreach by automatically contacting the on-call team. Ensure that the next person or group is notified if the first person doesn’t respond.

Everbridge Incident Tracking

Easy-to-use interface ensures the right incident communications processes are followed at the right time and that responders are notified based on the type of incident taking place. Detailed tracking provides real-time reporting and creates an audit trail for all journal entries, along with outbound notifications and acknowledgments by response personnel for compliance purposes.

See Where Incidents are Occurring

In order to protect residents and get responders in the right places, you need to know what is happening around you. ThreatView allows you to see the risks happening around or that are relevant to your constituents, helping ensure effective coordinate response efforts.

Automate Staffing


Emergencies, or even random callouts, can affect your staffing needs and ability to respond.

The Everbridge Solution

Automate Outreach

Reach out and get feedback from  groups simultaneously versus contacting individuals one by one lets people fill critical staffing shortages much more quickly. Automatically contact on-call resources using multi-modal notifications via SMS, email, push notifications and more, to communicate with employees currently on a shift or employees who are scheduled to be on a shift in the future.

Seniority Rules

Setup outreach to meet seniority and union requirements for overtime or detail staffing.

Ditch the Whiteboard

Simplify workforce scheduling by creating multiple calendars and shifts that match the needs of each team. Assign shift quotas based on certification, skill, or any attribute. Customize the shift rotations to your coverage needs and include as many shifts as necessary on a calendar with employees on a rotating schedule

Employee-Managed Schedules

Let employees manage their schedules online or by using ContactBridge.

David Kimbrell Emergency Management Director, Hall County, GA
Everbridge provides Hall County with a communications and incident management tool for specific agencies and departments. For example, County fire/EMS uses Everbridge to notify employees of daily staffing needs, while 911 dispatch uses Everbridge for incident notifications to team members during major events.