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Severe Weather Preparedness

Global warming is a legitimate threat, and some analysts estimate by 2050, severe weather and climate-related events could displace 1.2 billion people across the globe, putting communities and the businesses they support at risk. As global climate change leads to more severe weather conditions, it will continue to threaten more individuals and the environments where they live. Building resilience against natural hazards and climate threats is paramount.

  • Experts predict that severe hurricanes will double by 2050 in all regions across the globe.
  • The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) warns that wildfires may result in a global crisis by becoming more frequent and intense causing severe drought conditions and high temperatures.

Severe weather weather-related events put millions in harm’s way every year. Often, preparedness on the part of responders, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and private companies can mean the difference between life and death.

Benefits of Everbridge’s Weather Alerting Capabilities

Effective Community Communications

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  • Build  a community communication pipeline in preparation for critical events and raise awareness of potential hazards.
  •  Share weather-related information with residents, emergency managers, organizational and community leaders and government officials.

Accessibility for Critical Communications

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  • Address public safety and emergency management needs with the appropriate tools, gaining a better understanding of at-risk communities and their needs while effectively communicating preparedness and response plans.  ​
  • In an emergency reach populations in the ways they want to receive information. Identify who to communicate with, and notify them through multiple channels.

Reach Multiple Agencies and Jurisdictions

Incident Communications
  • Share timely and accurate information across departments and agencies.
  • Eliminate lack of insight and unclear communication across agencies and jurisdictions to save lives.

Advanced Preparation for Inclement Weather

Free Risk Intelligence Trial

Severe weather can impact your business’ operations at any time. Ensure that you are keeping your people safe and your business operating by taking advantage of our Risk Intelligence Trial. 

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Enterprise Resilience

Mitigate Weather Impact

Climate events can impact your employees, infrastructure, brand, and operations; developing business resiliency during these potentially harmful events is imperative. This kit outlines how to assess and mitigate the impact a severe weather event can have on your organization and employees.

Are you prepared to assess threats before they arise, and effectively communicate with your employees during a severe weather event?

Innovation for Organisational Climate Adaptation

Article in Partnership with World Climate Foundation

Critical event management (CEM) helps by providing the tools necessary to assess potential risk events, respond quickly when they occur, and automate data collection to improve processes for the future.

Learn more about how the World Climate Foundation and Everbridge are partnered to streamline climate-related disaster management.

Climate Disaster Recovery

Public Safety and Emergency Management

Improve Communication

When severe weather strikes, communication between emergency managers, emergency responders, search and rescue teams, and the general population can be the key to life or death.
Download this tip sheet to learn communication best practices to help keep people safe.

Communication Planning and Tools for Severe Weather

Everbridge has been a trusted and proven partner to public safety and emergency management agencies for over 20 years. From natural disasters like fires or floods, to human-made threats, Everbridge has developed best practices to help monitor potential hazards, prepare and respond to incidents and reach people to keep them safe.

Hurricane Checklist

Download this paper to ensure you’ve optimized your settings, workflows, and templates for hurricane preparedness.

Wildfire Checklist

Download this paper to ensure you’ve optimized your settings, workflows, and templates for wildfires preparedness.

Common Questions on Severe Weather

This webinar will address common challenges that our clients have struggled with when preparing for various forms of dangerous weather.

Everbridge Hurricane Response

Severe Weather Response

Everbridge provides emergency response coordinators with best practices as they deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the upcoming Hurricane Irma, and other severe weather events.

Critical Event Management

Learn from Everbridge CTO, Imad Mouline, how Everbridge Critical Event Management can help protect your people and assets.

Integrating Effective Communications and Technology Strategies

Although many organizations already have robust strategies and tactics for the mitigation and response to climate-related risks, the ability to form successful messaging and communications during threats can give an organization’s leaders a strategic and tactical advantage in managing them.

Gartner Perspective

SRM Leaders Must Plan Immediately for Climate Change Risk or Become Outmoded

Climate change is an operational risk for Security Risk Managers (SRM). Investors and stakeholders are driving organizations to strategize and manage material risks arising from climate change. Security and risk management leaders must be involved or accept that they will not have the resources to manage this operational risk.

Case Studies

HealthEquity Demonstrates Operational Resilience

HealthEquity utilizes Everbridge before, during and after severe weather storms to communicate with team members to ensure the safety of their people, handle operations and to communicate decisions.

City of Lewisville Improves Severe Weather Alerts

The city deployed Everbridge to power the “Lewisville Citizen Alert” system and use it for emergencies, such as severe weather, and also public service announcements. 

Northbrook Automatically Notifies Residents and Employees

Northbrook, IL deployed Everbridge to power their notify system to distribute communications to residents and employees on their preferred devices.

Severe Weather Resources

Risk Management

Extreme weather impacts employees and community. With Everbridge, organizations and governments can execute preparedness plans.

Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire preparedness is essential for enterprise response plans. As wildfire risk increases, businesses must invest in wildfire resilience.

Unlocking Climate Change Resilience

Governments and enterprises invest in climate change resilience and early warning to respond effectively and improve disaster risk reduction.

Hurricane Michael made its way into North Carolina. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Hurricanes Don’t Respect a Pandemic

Emergency Managers Learn from COVID

Emergency managers are taking advantage of lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to put in place better preparations for other disruptions.

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