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Insights from Amazon Logistics & Whole Foods Market on preparing for severe weather events

Public safety global solutions

Everbridge solutions to keep people safe during major incidents and crises

Disaster Recovery Team walking through town after a tornado event

Building societal resilience

Public authorities use Everbridge solutions to keep people safe during major incidents and crises:

  • Natural disasters – wildfire, flood, extreme weather, earthquake, tsunami, heatwave
  • Human-induced disasters – industrial accident, terrorist attacks
  • Technological – cyber attacks

Our commitment to Early Warnings for All

In 2022, in response to increasing threats from climate change, the UN announced an Executive Action Plan, led by the WMO to ensure every person on Earth is protected by early warning systems by 2027.​

A Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (MHEW) is designed to enable individuals, communities, governments, businesses and others to take timely action to reduce disaster risks and save lives in advance of hazardous events. It comprises of:​​

  1. Disaster risk knowledge​
  2. Observations & forecasting​
  1. Warning dissemination & communication  ​
  2. Preparedness & response ​

Everbridge public safety solutions underpin these four pillars of the UN ‘Early Warning for All’ initiative, enabling disaster risk and resilience teams to:

  • Be prepared​
  • Know earlier 
  • Response & recover​
  • Reach everyone

Public safety solutions help public authorities, national and local security services, emergency call centers, and municipalities manage incidents of all sizes.

Nationwide population alerting

Alert dissemination to everyone, everywhere, every time

Everbridge is used to reach millions in seconds when it matters from early detection through to available, accessible and effective last mile dissemination.

Public Alerting

Effective management of emergencies and local incidents

Quickly respond to emergency calls and mobilize the right resources 

Emergency call taking/triage
  • Receive calls/alarms
  • Open incident
  • Collect info (3Ws)
  • Triage & route
  • Transfer
Command & control dispatch/tracking
  • Locate best resources
  • Check availability
  • Mobilize & dispatch
  • Activate plans
  • Monitor, track & update
  • Report close incident 

Public authorities across the globe count on Everbridge, every day, everywhere to keep people safe


Omni-channel public alerting
  • 94% Population reach
  • 5,400 digital real-time information panels in bus, train, tram, metro, and airports across the country
  • NL-Alert is powered by Everbridge since 2010


Proactive public communications
  • Automatic messages on entering the country
  • Communicate with citizens while aboard
  • University evacuations: 500% speed improvement


Globally local incident response
  • Covers 516 540 km2
  • 20 millions annual calls
  • 13 million incidents per year
  • 80,000 mobile devices

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