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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

COVID-19 vaccine distribution management

Helping organizations mitigate the impact of COVID-19

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Critical Event Management for vaccine distribution

Administering millions of vaccines is a massive, logistically complicated, time-compressed challenge, and the most important global health initiative of our time. Multiple industries are responsible for their part in this herculean undertaking to save lives, hasten economic recovery, and return to normal life. For an effective vaccine rollout, organizations must overcome unique challenges in vaccine distribution, logistics, communication, safety, and security. Balancing organizational needs, well-being of the community yet respecting individual rights to privacy is of paramount importance. The Everbridge CEM platform provides a common operating platform to manage critical events and ensure redundant protections of people, systems, and processes.

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Uniquely positioned

As the market leader in Critical Event Management, Everbridge is uniquely ​positioned to help organizations with vaccine distribution management

  • Critical Event Management provides a common operating platform
  • The system is always on
  • Everbridge is trusted by many of the Global 2000 including pharmaceutical leaders, banks, retailers, hospitals and by the government including FEMA who exclusively use Everbridge as the front-end solution for IPAWS notifications, to power Presidential alerts, the Secret Service, military and numerous state and local agencies.​

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Why Everbridge for an effective vaccine rollout?

As the market leader in Critical Event Management and the Road to Recovery, Everbridge is uniquely ​positioned to help state and local governments, pharmaceutical manufacturers, retailers & pharmacies, logistics companies, and healthcare organizations with vaccine distribution management. Everbridge is bridging the communication and situational awareness gaps between the public and private sectors by helping stakeholders better understand and assess the operational landscape, respond to potential disruptions, protect and communicate with people, and more effectively fulfill their important role in vaccine distribution.

The system is always on, enabling organizations to:

  • Communicate with people about vaccine efficacy, availability, and safety
  • Manage distribution risks, survey constituents to manage scheduling, notify of follow-up dosages requirements and appointments and track adverse reactions
  • Use a variety of alerting methods including landline, VoIP and wireless databases to reach vulnerable and underserved populations that often don’t opt-in or follow social media
  • Effectively manage potential crises with automated workflows, visual dashboards, actionable checklists, customizable forms and digitized SOPs
  • Ensure visibility into global and local risk events (e.g. weather, unrest, transportation issues) that could be disruptive forces
  • Help educate communities and organizations about the progress of the vaccination including gathering citizen feedback

Ensuring safety, continuity and operational efficiency

  • Keep residents informed about phased distributions and locations to obtain vaccines
  • Send geo-targeted multi-lingual messages with 20 different language options
  • Manage distribution for follow-up dosages with reminders and confirmations
  • Leverage a secure HIPAA-compliant chat feature to communicate directly with vaccination site field workers
  • Overcome communication challenges with at-risk populations by leveraging a single source of resident data with verified contact info for state & federal public communications
  • Use a database of landline, cell phone, and VoIP numbers that can supplement government contact databases with 50-100%+ improvement in ability to reach US residents
  • Receive alerts on events that could disrupt vaccine distribution, like weather, civil unrest, and natural disasters
  • Build resident profiles to include contact information, date and results of testing, date of vaccine administration and expected follow up date, adverse vaccine reactions and other information vital to proper health monitoring
  • Automate follow-up vaccine appointment reminders
  • Protect information under ISO27001, ISO27701, SAFETY ACT, SO3, and meet GDPR and HIPAA compliance
  • Proactively manage critical events and mitigate risk from outside disruptive forces through a common operating platform
  • Model, manage, and visualize supply chain route risks
  • Automate responses
  • Checklist workflows, digitized SOPs, dashboards, and automation
  • Leverage Vaccine Distribution Logistics Service, curated data from Global Risk Intelligence analysts 24/7/365 for global and hyper-local actionable intelligence for operational resilience and potential impact to populations. This service includes:
  • In-depth analysis, insights, reporting, and visualization to better identify, anticipate, act upon, and/or mitigate any potential disruptions and operational challenges affecting their assets related to the production and/or delivery of vaccines
  • Risk events likely to yield appreciable and impactful disruption to the delivery of vaccines to help stakeholders proactively address supply chain challenges to help ensure that vaccines are shipped, stored, and delivered on time

Tested, trusted, & relied on by top companies and government organizations

Many Global 2000 companies including pharmaceutical leaders, hospitals and government agencies are using Everbridge to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. This includes numerous state, local, and federal agencies such as the U.S. Army & Navy and FEMA, who uses Everbridge exclusively.

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Manage Covid Vaccine

The end of the pandemic: Successful vaccine distribution

Distribution and management of COVID-19 vaccines is one of the most significant global health initiatives in history. Governments, health care organizations, and private sector companies need the ability to operate with the utmost visibility and efficiency, as well as the ability to protect and communicate with their people. 

Covid Vaccine Distribution

Addressing government challenges for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in over 16 million cases and over 350,000 deaths in the U.S. With the vaccine now in the approval process from the FDA, the challenge of full distribution will require a massive, logistically complicated, and time-compressed effort for state and local government entities.

Vaccine distribution and verification

Everbridge solutions for vaccine distribution: How governments can prepare

We recently held a webinar, “Vaccine Distribution: How Governments Can Prepare.” During this webinar, we identified the following challenges government agencies may face.

Covid Vaccine Management

Vaccine distribution: How governments can prepare

Will the COVID-19 vaccines end the pandemic? The good news is several vaccines have shown positive initial efficacy results and targeted distribution will start in late 2020.


Critical Event Management for COVID-19 response vaccine distribution management

Everbridge can help government organizations with unique needs in vaccine distribution, logistics, communication, safety & security to accomplish an efficient and effective vaccine rollout.


Vaccine distribution: The next step for hospitals

Learn how hospitals are quickly and efficiently streamlining COVID-19 vaccine distribution in our new fact sheet, outlining the many touchpoints that are necessary to ensure successful coordination.

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