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Mass Notification

In critical situations speed matters, simplicity matters and reliability matters. 

Every day, critical events impact productivity and revenue, cause production slowdowns, impede team callouts, delay responses to time-sensitive issues or require immediate outreach to those impacted. Organisations also need to be ready for large-scale critical events that impact entire regions with a flexible way to communicate quickly and broadly to a diverse audience. Either way Everbridge has you covered. 

Mass Notification prioritises ease-of-use, allowing users at all levels to quickly and easily send emergency communications through the most intuitive user interface on the market. Providing a secure, scalable, and reliable emergency management application, Everbridge Mass Notification with Incident Communications enables enterprises and governmental entities to send notifications to individuals or groups to keep them informed before, during and after critical events. 

Right Message to the Right People

  • Target the individual and not the device
  • Escalate to ensure that the next person or group is notified
  • Broadcast to virtually any communications device including desktop alerts
  • Set up templates with predetermined contacts and messages
  • Protect infrastructure capacity with flexible call-throttling
  • Automatically publish to websites, internal systems, and social media

Workflow Intelligence

Automate to Reduce Errors

  • Separate plans by location, department or facility
  • Automate recipients and content based on location, severity and type
  • Catch errors early with user prompts for required critical details
  • Granular user permissions to prevent users from making changes

What Does Everbridge Mass Notification Do?


Send Alerts via 25+ Contact Paths

  • Send messages to recipients in a specific geographic region
  • Specify target locations with user friendly drawing tools, or even upload shape files
  • Search for, view the locations of, and send alerts to specific contact types
  • Highlight functional needs populations, fire districts, alert type subscribers, and more
  • Load, geo-code, and manage contact data within a single interface and in real-time

Simple, Powerful & Intuitive UI

  • Secure, reliable & scalable platform trusted by 4000+ customers
  • Communicate and respond more quickly to disruptive events
  • Send consistent and error-free messages quickly
  • Automate and customise response activities to meet your needs
  • Integrate easily with common HR and BC Planning systems

“Leveraging Everbridge, this team knows how to respond in a fire, weather emergency, electrical outage and violent intruder situation. Violent intruder events occur and can end quickly, so from a facility standpoint, our goal is to get employees out of the building.”

Albert Patin, Daktronics

The Power of Critical Event Management

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