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Automate Digital Operations

While the massive growth in digital services has empowered businesses, it has also exposed new vulnerabilities—and greater threats. A Digital Operations Platform enables agile service delivery models, providing resilience for IT systems in an increasingly complex and interconnected virtual world.

Organizations now consider great customer experiences critical to their business and are investing heavily towards streamlining and automating digital operations. As a result, maximizing your service uptime is crucial to delivering an experience that your customers will love.

Signal enrichment, service intelligence, change telemetry, and observability allow organizations to surface priority issues and respond before an incident becomes a business problem. An intelligent Digital Operations Platform combines signals from multiple monitoring tools into relevant context (so incident resolvers can visualize and understand changes to digital services), suggests root cause impact during incidents, and mines historical fixes through AI-powered incident matching. This situational clarity enables organizations to trigger remedial actions based on previous incident resolution.

Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform allows teams to open fewer tickets and spend less time reinventing iterative resolutions, leading to faster Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)—so impacted services get resolved before users become aware. Less time spent on incidents means more time for innovation.

Everbridge Digital Operations Platform Powers the World’s Best Customer Experiences

Provide teams with the ability to automate and streamline digital operations across teams and toolsets, enabling enterprises to deliver both continuous service uptime and great customer experiences.

  • Protect against major incidents and operational disruption
  • Enable organizational resilience by managing digital and physical events through a single pane of glass
  • Streamline resolution across digital operations teams
  • Deliver actionable issue context to on-call resolvers
  • Activate collaboration hubs and provide guided remediation steps for faster resolution
  • Build automated runbooks with existing tools using the low-code/no-code visual workflow designer
  • Extend the value of existing tools
  • Create digital playbooks to bridge technical and business teams

Customers Trust Everbridge to Keep Their Operations Running

Finastra Mobilizes Technical Resources During IT Incidents

Chris Quinlan is the Director of Service Operations for Finastra. At Resilience 2019, we spoke to Chris about his process for mobilizing technical resources during IT incidents, and how Everbridge’s IT Alerting solution improves their response time and helps to mitigate the impact on the business.

watch video

Improving Data Center Operations | Large US Hospitality

Hotels lose thousands of dollars every minute that their data center operations are down, making quick incident communicate imperative. Everbridge allowed them to streamline data center operations and substantially minimize revenue loss.

read more

American Airlines Improves Customer Service

The ability to resolve IT issues quickly is vital for American Airlines. When a technological problem stranded thousands of passengers on a rival airline, American Airlines took the necessary precautions to ensure the same thing couldn’t happen to them.

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GigaOm Analyst Reports: Everbridge xMatters Stands Out

GigaOm, an independent analyst research firm, took a deep dive into the features and functionality of the xMatters platform, and in a comprehensive study based on tests conducted across incident and task management platforms xMatters stood out against the competition. These two reports evaluate Everbridge xMatters against our competitors in the incident and task management industry.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself what GigaOm had to say:

IT Service Management

Accelerate Incident Resolution

Major incidents are a burden to their enterprise and although many companies reduce impact using service management systems, sometimes it’s not enough. Minimize business downtime and accelerate incident resolution by automating communications, collaboration, and orchestration through Major Incident Management (MIM) and IT Service Management (ITSM).

Security Operations

Update Stakeholders During Incidents

Get Security teams and IT resolvers together while keeping stakeholders updated during security incidents. During cyber–related incidents, orchestrate communication and collaboration in a coordinated fashion to contain the attack, mitigate the damage, and ensure compliance.

“By implementing Everbridge xMatters in our notification workflow, we’ve been able to quickly and reliably engage our physicians, which leads to faster evaluation and treatment for our acute stroke patients.”

Katherine Repko, TeleHealth Operations Initiatives Manager, Intermountain Healthcare


Connect Developers and Operators for Fast Resolution

Combined SMS, email, and ChatOps tools keep developers connected throughout the normal release lifecycle. When things break, ChatOps tools firmly connect developers and operators during the toughest of IT outages . The most effective DevOps teams understand that, in order to provide great customer experiences, they also need to automate the communication process itself.

Infrastructure Operations

Keep Your Business Running

Reduce the noise and focus on the administration and management of technology, information, and data. Keep outages at bay by using an incident response tool that quickly notifies personnel and ensures the business stays running.

Customer Support

Ensure Optimal Customer Experience

Companies need a great customer experience to stay in business. Knowing when customer facing systems are down, is only half of the problem. Work together to ensure your customer’s happiness as well as staying ahead of potential brand damaging issues.

Our Clients

Our Customers Are Some of the Largest in their Industry, and We are Proud and Grateful That They Put Their Trust In Us to Protect What Matters the Most to Them

Ericsson Case Study

IT Alerting Improved Incident Response

Ericsson is a multinational provider of communication technology and services. Ericsson’s services, software and network infrastructure include the Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform, a software-defined, media-optimized platform for the creation, management and delivery of next-generation Pay TV. Their global presence and employees in many regions, makes it essential that their IT incident response teams are able to communicate quickly and efficiently to resolve IT issues whenever they arise.

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