Pandemic: A Unique Crisis Communication Category

July 28th, 2014 by William Penfield

Crisis communication during a pandemic outbreak must be immediate and effective. If not properly prepared, government agencies, municipalities, and residents will all feel the impact. How can a communication strategy help avoid panic and confusion, as well as rumors and misinformation—and support disease containment and management? In this paper, communication expert Dr. Robert C. Chandler […]


Charmeck Alerts: Cross-Departmental Coordination

July 22nd, 2014 by William Penfield

During large events, towns, counties, and numerous departments can be affected. Often, communication between these groups is limited to begin with; add in event disruptions, and slow communication and response times can put citizens at further risk. In the paper, Critical Communication and Cross-Departmental Coordination, Stacie Neal of the Charlotte Fire Department summarizes key best […]


Everbridge Brochure – Corporate

July 21st, 2014 by William Penfield

Whether dealing with incident management, operational communication, or emergency notification, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforce and stakeholders in any location, across a variety of devices. And when operational issues threaten downtime, or emergency issues threaten lives, access to real-time situational intelligence empowers you to make decisions with confidence.


Everbridge Brochure – Healthcare

July 21st, 2014 by William Penfield

The ability to communicate quickly and effectively has never been more critical to the daily operations of healthcare facilities and to the safety of their patients and staff. From STEMI and other code alerts, to nurse staffing and emergency notifications, the critical communication needs of healthcare facilities are varied but in every case time-sensitive and […]


Everbridge Brochure – Government

July 21st, 2014 by William Penfield

Quick and reliable Emergency Communication is critical to the operations of any municipality. whether related to criminal activities, severe weather or missing persons, the ability to quickly and reliably reach staff, emergency personnel, and citizens – over any voice or text device – and confirm receipt of notifications – can help protect life and property. […]


Best Practices for Citizen Registration

July 14th, 2014 by William Penfield

In an emergency, you need to be able to communicate with citizens that could be impacted, giving them critical information and instructions. But to reach them, you need to know who they are, where they are, and the best way to contact them. In this paper, Emergency Notification: Best Practices for Citizen Registration, learn key […]


Best Practices for the Six Stages of a Crisis

July 10th, 2014 by William Penfield

A crisis event typically disturbs the normal flow of operations, and puts people and property at risk. While events differ in size and scale, they follow a similar progression through the stages of a crisis. These stages are: Warning Risk Assessment Response Management Resolution Recovery Each stage brings its own obstacles that must be addressed […]


Serving Access and Functional Needs

July 2nd, 2014 by Michael Scott

In nearly all communities, there are individuals with access or functional needs, who require additional services before, during, and after emergencies to ensure their safety and well-being. How do you communicate with those residents during an emergency? How do you ensure that they have access to the resources they require? How do you keep them […]


Everbridge Customer Perspective: AppRiver

July 1st, 2014 by William Penfield

Michael Hamstra, VP of Marketing, AppRiver, discusses the ease of use of the Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Suite and how the system helps AppRiver improve IT communication and incident management.  



June 30th, 2014 by William Penfield

AppRiver is a service provider of cloud-based email and web security solutions with over 45,000 corporate customers. Founded in 2002, AppRiver currently employs around 200 staff members between its corporate headquarters in Gulf Breeze, Florida, EMEA headquarters in Lupfig, Switzerland, and offices in Austin, Texas, Northport, New York, and Atlanta, Georgia. AppRiver maintains multiple, secure […]