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Perspectives on Critical Event Management


Anticipate and Prevent Disruptions to Operations, Pandemic Preparedness, Corporate, Financial Services

How Pandemic Threats Can Impact Financial Institutions

  The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the forecasts of gross domestic products (GDPs), the risk of sovereign bonds,… Read More

Business Continuity Planning, Corporate

Peace Of Mind In A Risky World

This article was originally published on on December 16, 2019   What keeps you up at night? If you… Read More

CMS Emergency Preparedness, Speed Healthcare Team Response, Hospitals + Healthcare Systems
resilient hospital emergency preparedness

3 Key Tactics for Running a Resilient Hospital

Hospitals have the unique challenge of protecting their patients while responding to challenging events. From high-acuity cases to epidemics, natural… Read More

Active Shooter Preparedness, Duty of Care, Keep Employees Safe Everywhere, Workplace Violence

How to Prepare for Active Shooter Situations

“You can’t go a week or two without some sort of incident.” Bethany Holliday, human resources director at Cornerstone Insurance… Read More