Put your plans in the hands of your people.

Crisis Commander lets you quickly put your response plans in the pocket of every employee. Response team members have access to a mobile framework and communications infrastructure to notify people, mobilize response team members, execute contingency plans and effectively collaborate while still keeping key stake holders informed.

Mobile Collaboration

Relying on your paper business continuity and crisis binders is too risky in today's digital world.

Whether your concern is major accidents, man-made or natural disasters, supply-chain disruptions, IT outages or security breaches, Crisis Commander can be an invaluable resource to ensure a positive outcome. Once your teams have been notified and mobilized, Crisis Commander then provides mobile collaborative capabilities where information, recovery plans and checklists can be shared and reviewed. Task statuses across  the organization can be tracked centrally and key decision points can be easily escalated and monitored. Ideas and recommendations can be shared between teams and individuals regardless of their physical location.


Bjarne Jarberg Security Manager, Det Berlingske Officin A/S
Crisis Commander provides an overview and status for all our subsidiaries in the case of a crisis. The notification feature has shown itself to be very effective.
Key Features

Customize task lists depending on role and type or incident and automatically track task completion

Provide real-time task status updates with comments visible to to the crisis manager or key stakeholders

Every action completed within Crisis Commander is automatically logged with a time and date stamp in the central log. The Log provides a detailed record of what actions were taken, when and by whom enabling the response leaders to focus upon more critical tasks. ToDo lists track new items to still be completed.

Quickly launch meetings with pre-set, flexible agendas for crisis response activities to improve meeting effectiveness. All meeting agendas are fully flexible and can be activated & updated in real-time. All minutes taken and decisions made during the meeting are logged with a time and date stamp.

Lennart Rubin Security Manager, AB Tetra Pak
Crisis management is very important and constantly reinforced within Tetra Pak. We chose Crisis Commander because of its ease of use.

Easy to Use

In crisis situations speed matters, simplicity matters and reliability matters.

Crisis Commander is probably the easiest to use full-featured Crisis Management solution that exists today.  A Crisis Management application that is not easy to use will not be used, period.  We have designed the Crisis Commander user interface to be highly intuitive so you can spend more time on recovery than software training. We also automate the logging of activities so mobile or web-initiated messages, decisions and information flow are time stamped allowing post event review and analysis.

Typically, organizations are up and running on Crisis Commander in as little as 3 days.

Key Features

Automate outreach via SMS, email, push notifications and more, to communicate with employees currently on a shift or employees who are scheduled to be on a shift in the future.

Manage settings, limits, and defaults through a comprehensive and user-friendly administrator interface.

Choose the best way to access the software, whether over the web or via a mobile application. You can even speak with a member of a specialized team at Everbridge that is available 24 hours a day for the sole purpose of activating the system on behalf of our customers.

Crisis Communications

COMING SOON! Everbridge's market leading Mass Notification solution to power Crisis Commander communications.

Instant and effective communications between key individuals and teams in a crisis are vital to the flow of time-critical information. By automating the recovery and communications process the possibility of human error is reduced. Crisis Commander ensures that key personnel are free to focus their attention on activities considered to be more critical to your business operations and key stakeholders are notified.

Per Hansen Security Manager, Siemens AB
A very logically built and an easily managed system. The team have a strong understanding of crisis management. We strongly recommend Crisis Commander.
Key Features

Leverage the marketing leading Mass Notification to set up notification templates with predetermined contact lists and pre-defined messages for faster communications in a crisis.

Target the individual and not the device for intelligent, personalized message delivery. With support for over 100 different multi-modal delivery methods with voice recording, text to speech conversion in multiple languages, push notifications, rich text formatting, and SMS. Keep your Crisis team and stakeholders in the know.

Manage settings, limits, and defaults through a comprehensive and user-friendly administrator interface.

Personalize your outreach to a global audience by broadcasting messages in any language and localize communication with multilingual text to-speech support, customized caller ID’s and local data stores to comply with the regulatory requirements.

Mr Ehses Head of Corporate Security, Bosch
Crisis Commander is the crisis management system which fits our needs exactly and at an attractive price.

Crisis & Continuity Plan Management

Standardize your global incident and BCM response and plans

Crisis Commander provides a central repository of plans, tasks and comes with 10+ industry reviewed contingency plan templates which cover a variety of incident & crisis situations. Developing the plan and document templates in the Crisis Commander provides an easy and uniform approach to international, regional and local incidents leveraging Crisis Commander’s parent-child relationship account relationships.

All contingency plan templates can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization and can be used as the basis for your own plans.

Key Features

Crisis Commander enables administrators to distribute: Contingency Plans, Documents, Contact Lists & Meeting Agenda’s to “Child” Systems to maintain global consistency of BC practices and procedures.

Automatic built-in reminders helps users keep plans, documents, contact lists and other essential items up-to-date. All scheduled update reminders are automatically emailed to the designated individual weekly until the files have been updated. The system also escalates reminders automatically to a designated admin if files are not updated within 3 weeks of the first reminder.

- Environmental Plan - HQ Relocation Plan - IT Recovery Plan - Logistics Plan - Media Crisis Plan - Pandemic Plan - Serious Accident Plan

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