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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity


Anvil Riskmatics® provides a comprehensive risk management system that keeps businesses informed and prepared for any potential threats.

Anvil Riskmatics

With real-time risk information, traveler tracking, and emergency communications, you can rest assured that your organization is always one step ahead.

Increased resilience,

better outcomes

Effective risk management is crucial for a global enterprise to maintain business confidence and safeguard brand reputation against potential threats. This involves swiftly acting upon new knowledge, employing dynamic planning, and utilizing real-time data. By anticipating disruptions and adapting quickly to change, your organization can capitalize on opportunities that less resilient competitors cannot. Such an approach ensures that your enterprise remains protected and secure in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Unified organizational resilience

The Riskmatics platform can be utilized by multiple departments and stakeholders who are responsible for protection, risk control, and response. This enables them to collaborate more effectively and benefit from interoperability. By operating within an integrated framework, time and cost-saving advantages can be achieved, as resources needed to enhance overall resilience are shared.

Critical event planning & response

Riskmatics assists you in taking charge of your operations overseas, safeguarding your assets while in transit, and ensuring the safe return of travelers. With Riskmatics, you can create a comprehensive strategy for both anticipated and unforeseeable events, as well as unfamiliar environments.

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Key features and modules

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Employee & traveler tracking

Our award-winning tracking tool travels with your people as they do business in unstable and challenging environments. Track their location, monitor their trip schedule, and warn them about any danger or disruption. Also ensure compliance with your travel policy by alerting managers when employees book travel outside of agreed risk parameters and by providing pre-trip risk briefings.

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Threat awareness & incident alerts

To stay safe and prepared, it’s important to be aware of potential dangers. Our analysts monitor thousands of risk data sources around the world for threats that could harm people or disrupt operations. When threats related to your employees or locations arise, a sophisticated alert system sends real-time notifications with crucial information to those affected.

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Real-time risk information

Provide reliable risk information for every country and major city worldwide to help business travelers and their safety managers create risk assessments that meet legal standards. Add your own organization’s content, like foreign travel advice from your security team, local support contacts, and approved hotels.

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Traveler approval

Receive alerts when employees book travel to high-risk destinations or airlines outside of your parameters. Based on threat intelligence and other factors, you can approve or deny authorization for the trip or create a plan to ensure safety.

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Traveler profiles

Access important traveler information quickly and respond promptly when necessary. Keep copies of passports, visas, travel plans, medical details, and emergency contacts readily available to effectively handle any business travel issues.

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Emergency communications

Our mass communications tool contacts affected personnel through email, SMS, and text-to-voice during incidents. The system allows users to customize threat parameters that activate the service. Riskmatics offers a full audit trail for non-refutable accountability in incident response.

travel risk management whitepaper

Travel Risk Management guide

Get up to speed on the factors to consider before purchasing a traveler tracking solution

Solutions for travel risk management

Organizations looking to implement a successful travel risk management program rely on Everbridge to ensure they can meet industry standards to keep their people safe and secure around the world.

Everbridge Assist, powered by AnvilTM is a one-call comprehensive travel assistance service designed to embrace any event that could impact the health, safety, or wellbeing of a corporate traveler.

Everbridge Travel ProtectorTM is a powerful tool that helps organizations care for their employees while they travel. As part of our industry-leading Critical Event Management (CEM) platform, Travel Protector helps companies stay aware of potential threats, provide real-time updates to traveling staff, and use advanced communication technology to keep travelers connected, safe, and informed.

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