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Insights from Amazon Logistics & Whole Foods Market on preparing for severe weather events

Business continuity solutions

Future-proof your organization’s resilience

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Agile principles for preparedness

While having a business continuity plan is vital to any organization’s success, a business continuity plan is not enough to protect an organization during a critical event. With technology permeating every level of today’s businesses, organizations operating with only a paper copy of their business continuity plan will struggle to meet the challenges of the evolving threat landscape. As a result, it’s essential that organizations have the proper technological support from business continuity solutions to protect their employees, assets, and operations.

There is no shortage of solutions available on the market today, with several options available for organizations of every size, industry, and shape. The right business continuity solution should provide an organization with the following important features.

The ability to identify critical events such as natural disasters, workplace violence, active assailants, cyberattacks, power outages, and supply chain disruptions that put employees, assets, and operations at risk. Combat the growing threat landscape and protect essential operations. Organizations around the globe require robust business continuity solutions and technology capable of avoiding or reducing the impact of everyday business threats.

Everbridge’s solutions help ensure business operations, people relations, smart security, and digital operations when every second counts, keeping businesses running faster.

“Shifting to a VOI approach instead of an ROI approach provides the necessary forward – thinking framework for scoping, prioritizing, and initiating continuity projects….to measure the idea of creating company resilience.”

Regina Phelps

Internationally Recognized Expert in Emergency Management and Continuity Planning

Business resilience

Long-term and increased sustainability

A robust business continuity solution should have risk intelligence, automation, AI, and other features capable of increasing an organization’s resilience.

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Risk identification

Business impact analysis and planning

Before, during, and after a critical event a business continuity solution should be able to perform risk and business impact analyses. By monitoring and evaluating potential and current threats, organizations glean valuable insight into where and how a risk may occur as well as the tools needed to make operational changes as a threat unveils.

Customer stories

Improving business continuity for financial services | CIBC Mellon case study

For more than two decades Canadian institutional investors and global investors into Canada have trusted CIBC Mellon to deliver service… 

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Operational efficiency

Operational improvements that stick

Organizations can review potential threats while performing risk assessments and developing robust business continuity plans that use software capable of mitigating or eliminating potential disruptions.

End-to-end protection

Safeguard employees, assets, and operations

By creating, maintaining, and organizing critical event response, organizations employing a business continuity software can rest assured knowing they’re prepared for any potential disruption with a quick, coordinated response. By using rich insight and data feeds, organizations can use business continuity solutions to remediate critical situations and large-scale disruptions by providing an easy-to-use interface, interactive dashboard, robust risk intelligence, and accelerated and accurate emergency messaging to employees in affected areas.

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Are you prepared?

Future-proof your business and operations

Assess risk, locate impacted people and assets, act rapidly, and analyze outcomes to drive continued optimization for your organization.

Business continuity solutions by Everbridge

Everbridge’s solutions help ensure business operations, people relations, smart security, and digital operations when every second counts, keeping businesses running faster.

Business operations

Mass Notification

Send push notifications to individuals and groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence. Keep assets, operations, and people safe during emergency and non-emergency events.

Risk Center

Integrate risk intelligence technology and resources to monitor, analyze, and respond to risk before, during, and after an event. Keep operations running by creating real-time targeted alerting and increased resilience to supply chains.

People relations

Safety Connection

With direct access to leading intelligence feeds, monitor active threats in relation to your people and automatically alert them when danger approaches.

Visual Command Center

Leveraging a single, unified, and integrated view for managing and responding to enterprise risk

Smart security

Control Center Pro

Threats are on the rise. Control Center Pro correlates events from disparate safety and security systems into a unified operating picture, providing users with actionable alerts, next step actions, and automated reported to better manage risks and mitigate internal and external disruption.

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Digital operations

CEM for digital

Protecting digital operations requires a holistic approach. By amplifying ad hoc data feeds to provide richer intelligence, CEM for Digital helps organizations identity, assess, mitigate, and thwart threats to digital operations as the threat landscape evolves.

Case study: 2nd Watch improves response time to outages

Everbridge improved 2nd Watch’s response time during business-critical outages. Their response time has improved from ~30 minutes to ~5 minutes.

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