Everbridge E911 Solutions

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9-1-1 has been the backbone of people seeking help for over 50 years in the United States. The system enables those in an emergency situation to immediately connect with an operator who uses automated information about the caller as well as what they communicate over the phone to direct first responders to provide help to the caller. Everbridge’s 911 solutions enhance this system by providing the most accurate location information of the caller as well as adding in life safety information enabling operators to better prepare first responders saving time and protecting life.

E911 Solutions for Enterprises

With new U.S. regulations mandating compliance with Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act, all organizations must ensure their enterprise devices easily connect to 9-1-1 facilities and provide accurate location data in the event of a 9-1-1 call. Everbridge E911 solutions cover hard phones and soft phones, ensure compliance, and extend corporate duty of care to on-campus employees and visitors, as well as remote workers.

911 Connect for Jurisdictions

Everbridge can enhance location and life safety information about callers for Emergency Call Center (ECC) operators. Whether the caller is on a land-line or mobile phone, 911 Connect can provide their location and provide a safety profile of the caller reducing response time for first responders.