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Travel Risk Management

The Importance of Managing Travel Risks

Now more than ever, organizations have a duty of care to ensure the well-being, safety, and security of their workforce, no matter where they are. Travel risks are constantly evolving, and your organization needs a travel risk solution that can adapt to changing circumstances and be customized to the specific needs of your business and travelers.

Everbridge Travel Risk Management Solutions keep travelers safe by providing important knowledge prior to departure, providing up to date information and location monitoring and incident monitoring during travel, and responding to critical events that can impact travel plans and safety.

Solutions for Travel Risk Management

Everbridge Travel Protector lets you harness the most advanced industry innovations and risk management expertise available. Everbridge Travel Protector is a sophisticated awareness, alerting and response system powered by comprehensive, real-time global data from thousands of reliable sources. How you tap into that data – and your view of the world in which you operate – is customized to create a solution that uniquely fits your specific needs.

Everbridge Travel Protector is composed of modules that when combined deliver the definitive system to protect your organization’s assets, drive compliance and attain operational resilience. Ultimately, you get a common operating picture of your global operations, powered by technology and underpinned by real-world experience.

Protect Your People Wherever They Are

Facilitate a Safe Trip

Everbridge’s mobile application helps to keep your people safe wherever they may be. An intuitive interface allows them to receive real-time alerts about emerging threats or live incidents in their locality that could impact them. Should they find themselves at risk or have any concerns about their safety or wellbeing, emergency call and SOS features enable them to request urgent assistance 24/7.

Pre-Trip Advisory

Information Travelers Need to Know

Equip travelers with everything they need to know about the country or region they are heading to – from visa, document and vaccination requirements to advice on security, health, laws and culture.

Monitor and Notify Travelers

Tools for Travel Managers

Access a manager portal with risk monitoring dashboards, including details on employees who are traveling to and from at-risk countries. Locate active and pending traveler destinations based on the most current flight, ground transportation, and hotel itinerary data. Immediately connect with travelers through one- or two- way communication.

Employee and Traveler Tracking

Track, Monitor and Alert

Virtually travel alongside your employees as they work wherever business takes them, even in unstable and challenging environments. Seamlessly track locations, monitor trip itineraries, and send real-time alerts to employees if they face danger or disruption.

Matthew Judge, VP International – Travel Risk Management

Threat Awareness & Incident Tracking

Heightened Situational Awareness and Response

Thousands of risk data sources are aggregated non-stop, monitoring emerging threats and live incidents. As threat intelligence related to your employees emerge, a sophisticated alerting system sends real-time notifications with crucial information directly to impacted individuals or those responsible for their safety.

Real-Time Information

Understand and Communicate Credible Risk Information

Support business travelers and those responsible for their safety with updates by preparing risk assessments to comply with legal obligations. Add your organization’s content, such as your security team’s foreign travel advice, in-country support contacts and approved hotels.

Emergency Communications

Track Communication Response

Contact affected personnel during incidents through email, SMS and Text to Voice and confirm people are safe or affected through a response mechanism. Customize the threat parameters that trigger a service. And with a full audit trail of actions taken, Everbridge Travel Protector evidences defendable decision making and provides non-refutable accountability.

Traveler Assistance

A higher standard of connected care

Everbridge AssistTM is our one-call comprehensive traveler assistance service designed to embrace any event that could impact the health, safety or wellbeing of your corporate travelers or remote workers.
Everbridge AssistTM provides multilingual 24/7 medical and security assistance in any difficult situation, wherever it may be around the world. Get an immediate response for your employees, no matter the issue.

Travel Can Be Unpredictable, Take Control of the Unexpected

Effective Critical Event Management (CEM) Requires a Strategy to Manage Travel Risks

With critical events from demonstrations to severe weather or civil unrest happening every day, anywhere – how do you know your people are safe? Get visibility into travel risks for your employees from the time they book the trip until they return back home.

It is increasingly important to have up-to-date intelligence on global risks to protect your traveling employees. Everbridge Travel Risk Management combines global risk intelligence, employee location data and multi-modal communication. Meet your Duty of Care standards and ensure your travelers feel safe wherever they go.


Combine experience, insights, and the intelligence of incident zones to quickly understand as an event unfolds and ensure a rapid response and operational continuity for travelers.


Know where travelers last known and expected locations to continuously cross check data from access control systems, travel management systems, HR systems and smartphones to locate travelers.


Align sources, information, and evaluate the risks to notify travelers through the Everbridge Mobile App to send SOS button alerts to emergency call centers and offer employees a Safe Corridor feature for breadcrumb information of their location.


Look at impact and exposure of travelers in relation to incident zones, develop an approach to differentiate between threats and risks across the board and to then quantify risk based on the threat, the threat’s nature, the organization’s overall vulnerability or exposure.

The Everbridge Advantage

  • 2 Billion Contacts Managed
  • 5+ Billion Interactions Sent Yearly
  • 200+ Supported Countries and Territories
  • 200+ Thousand SMS Sent per Minute
  • LVL 3 Certified DHS Telcom Service
  • 100+ Modalities

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Threats to Business Travelers on the Rise, Minimize Impact

As these employees continue to be at risk, it is critical that organizations understand that they have a duty of care to protect business travelers domestically and abroad.

Duty of Care

Duty of care is a social contract between employer and employee – the employer agrees to take care of the employee, and the employee agrees to avoid unnecessary risk.

Redefining Duty of Care

Mobile workforces necessitate the need to protect employees outside the confines of the corporate office. Technology using location-awareness help you to protect remote workers against potential threats.

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