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Crisis Management

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How Crisis Management Works

Powered by the Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform, Crisis Management optimizes your critical event response by orchestrating all crisis activities, teams, resources and communications in one application.

With all stakeholders – from responders in the field to executives in the boardroom – working from a common operating picture, you will never have to worry that your response plans are not getting executed or tear yourself away from mission critical activities to provide a status update.


Customer Perspective

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

At Everbridge’s Resilience 2019 conference, we had the opportunity to sit down with Richard Biber, the Director of Business Continuity for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Richard explained how he approaches his responsibilities, and truly aligns with the business and its mission to optimize crisis management and business continuity. He also discusses the importance of operationalizing Everbridge beyond critical events to drive additional value for the company’s employees and customers.

Use Cases

Crisis Management unifies your business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency communication processes to accelerate response times for both large and small disruptions, including:

Maintain Command and Control

Even when crises evolve into unanticipated scenarios

Static response plans can’t account for the unpredictable nature of real-world critical events. Crisis Management provides a common operating picture for all stakeholders, and turns your passive runbooks into active tasks with the flexibility to add tasks on-the-fly when unanticipated scenarios arise.

Crisis Management Task Notification

Ensure Plans Get Executed Properly

On time and in the right order

Keeping distributed teams and responders in the field coordinated and on task in the middle of a crisis often requires significant manual effort that can slow your overall recovery. Crisis Management mobilizes your response plans and allows tasks to be assigned to individuals, groups or a function.

crisis management situational report

Provide Meaningful Updates

Common operating picture for all stakeholders

Providing status updates to senior management can take time away from critical response activities. Dedicated event dashboards and situation reports allow senior management to monitor response and recovery progress in real-time without having to disrupt the crisis team.

The Power of Crisis Management

  • Mobilize your response
  • Accelerate time to restore operations and services
  • Reduce liability and the cost of downtime

Operationalize Your Response

Crisis Management orchestrates all crisis response activities, teams and resources to accelerate recovery time and minimize the fallout from critical events, while providing real-time visibility to executive stakeholders and responders in the field.

  • Single CEM Platform

    Unify business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency communication in one application.

  • Event Page

    Coordinate response activities through operator dashboards, incident log and smart conferencing.

  • Dynamic Task Management

    Assign tasks to an individual, group or function, and add tasks on-the-fly.

  • Mobile Response Plans

    Execute response plans and collaborate with team members no matter device or where they are located.

  • Document Repository

    Centralize access to all response plans, tasks and associated documents.

  • communications

    Incident Chat

    Provide instant communication between responders in the field, and with the crisis team.