A Safe and Happy Thanksgiving from the Everbridge Team


The holiday season is approaching which means parades, large public gatherings and in many parts of the country, severe winter weather. It also means significant traffic and a propensity for accidents. That’s a (wintry) mix of fun, relaxation and chaos! 


At Everbridge, we’re committed to ensuring your […]


Fall Release: Critical Communications Platform Enhancements and Solution Upgrades


Everbridge is happy to announce our Fall 2015 Release, full of new features that enable organizations to prioritize safety, safeguard resources and optimize business operations.



Guest Blog Series: Leveraging Social Media to Provide Event Information


Establishing Community Engagement BEFORE an Emergency

Thanksgiving approaches. I sit here at my desk about 60 miles from Plymouth Massachusetts where the first Thanksgiving occurred. My phone rings; it’s the town police department utilizing its Notification System to inform residents about the upcoming Thanksgiving Day football game […]


What are clinicians saying about secure clinical collaboration?


Increasing Efficiency And Improving Patient Outcomes with Secure Clinical Collaboration


The way clinicians communicate is changing. Gone are the days of emailing or calling back and forth about critical patient information. Not only is this method of communication NOT HIPAA compliant, but it […]


Nixle in Action: Exploring Partnerships



What do Google and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have in common with Nixle? All of these organizations are committed to making the world a safer place, whether it is alerting you when severe weather is approaching or helping to locate […]


Clinical Workflow Benefits of a Connected Hospital


Connected Hospital: Care Team Collaboration and Coordination through Unified Critical Communications 


As the healthcare industry transitions to a more integrated and collaborative care delivery and payment model, providers must be able to coordinate with multiple clinicians in multiple facilities, while still delivering excellent care. As a result, <[…]


A Note About Communication and Responsibility During a Tragedy


With the tragic events in Paris over the past 24 hours, all of our thoughts are with our friends in France. It is truly a tragic day.


One of the things that organizations can do during these trying times is ensure social responsibility. I have worked for many organizations, […]


Guest Blog Series: Understanding The True Power Of Information


When Guttenberg created his printing press it ushered in the dawning of the age of the Renaissance. In the history of inventions, I look at the printing press as the single greatest invention of all.


Starting with the Bible, the printing press allowed the knowledge of a single person […]


Monthly Round-Up of IT Outages


October 2015 saw a lot of problems for, with people unable to log-in, receive or send messages, with a number of users reportedly told their correct username or password was incorrect. In light of the recent hacking incidents in the news, many users took to online forums to try to find out […]


Webinar Slides: Improving Social Media Effectiveness for Public Safety



Social media has become one of the most common forms of communication with the majority of the U.S. population sharing information on a multitude of social networks. However, from a cross-industry study conducted by Everbridge that surveyed emergency management and disaster recovery professionals, more than half (58%) of respondents did […]


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