A Traditional Richter Scale for IT Incidents and Data Breaches


Recently, I camWorlde across an interesting article in Venturebeat written by Dan Lohrmann of Security Mentor – “Why data breaches need […]


Webinar Slides: Connecting Emergency Alerting and Notifications with Federal Signal & Everbridge


In this webinar discover:

  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) relates to Critical Communications
  • When to include internet enabled devices as part of crisis communication planning
  • New use cases for smart warning devices you may have already deployed

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Will You Be @ the Premier Business Continuity Conference (#CIMC2015)?



Are you attending Continuity Insight’s 13th annual conference on April 20th through the 22nd? If you […]


Mobile Telemedicine: Improving Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Patient Outcomes


Recently, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ranya Habash, sat down to discuss the important role that HIPAA-compliant messaging and telemedicine can play in  efficiently keeping staff and patients connected, while improving the delivery of care without violating privacy rules.

At Dr. Habash’s practice, telemedicine is enabled by

Catch Everbridge at HIMSS 2015 (#HIMSS15)


Healthcare professionals: Spring has officially arrived, which means it is time for HIMSS ’15 – the year’s largest and most important healthcare IT conference in the United States. This year’s conference will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Monday April 13th marks the first […]


#IoTDay — What Does it Really Mean for Your Business?


Although it seems like it just recently entered our lexicon, the term “Internet of Things” was actually coined in 1999. While Y2K-era terminology has disappeared (like Y2K), “Internet of Things” is slowly crossing into the mainstream, following its late-1990s (1996) contemporary concept, the “[…]


Everbridge in the News: EDN’s Feature on “Internet of Things Day”


Everbridge was just recently featured in a great article from Electronic Design News that introduces readers to the upcoming 5th Annual Internet of Things Day taking place on April 9th, 2015. In the piece, our CTO, Imad Mouline, provided his own take on the significance (and future) of Enterprise IoT. Take […]


Webinar Slides: Utilizing Situational Intelligence in a Crisis with Everbridge


View the slides below from our recent webinar, Utilizing Situational Intelligence in a Crisis with Everbridge.

  • Why is situational intelligence important?
  • How to determine what information are you looking for
  • How to hear through the “noise” and gather relevant information

What’s Next? Key Trends in Critical Communications, Part 2


Last week, in Part 1 of this series, we briefly covered how two critical trends are shaping the way that organizations effectively communicate during all types of operational and emergency situations. Let’s dig in with two more, as we wrap up our look ahead to […]


Webinar Slides: HipaaChat, Telemedicine in Your Pocket


View the slides below from our recent webinar, HipaaChat, Mobile Telemedicine for Modern Healthcare.

  • Introduction to Everbridge Solutions for Healthcare + HipaaChat
  • A short demo of HipaaChat
  • Insight from Dr. Ranya Habash on using HipaaChat at hospitals and medical centers
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