Forbes: “Improving Emergency Messaging in the Cloud”


In case you missed it, Everbridge was recently featured in a Forbes profile, “Improving Emergency Messaging In The Cloud With Everbridge.” The article, authored by cloud computing influencer Ben Kepes, highlighted how our unified critical communication solution “helps different industries communicate quickly and effectively.”


Acronym Soup for IT Incident Management: Lower Your MTTK


IT incidents can range from simple power outages to very serious DDoS attacks. No matter the severity, your goal as an IT Operations professional should be to lower “Mean Time to Repair.” More than just an interesting acronym, if this is process is not handled effectively, and in a timely fashion, your organization could [...]


Find Everbridge at DRJ Fall World 2014 (#DRJFall)


Summer is winding down. Bummer. Fortunately, Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World 2014 in beautiful San Diego is right around the corner. Sunday, September 7th, marks the first day of the event and the Everbridge team is gearing up for a great show.

Just like at


AppRiver Q&A: IT Incident Management and Proactive Customer Communication


Say you’re a company with a global customer base and employees located across the world. What would happen if you have a major IT incident that impacts your service and, as a result, your clients? How do you get information to relevant stakeholders efficiently, quickly, and through the proper channels?



Everbridge Takes the #IceBucketChallenge


Over the past week, quite a few members of the Everbridge team were nominated to help #StrikeOutALS and participate in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge.

Well, never the type to pass up a good challenge, or an even better cause, we jumped “head” first. If you aren’t familiar with the challenge (where have you [...]


Smartphones – Your New Best Friend in Emergency Notification


The way we communicate today is very different than the way we communicated ten or even five years ago (remember land line phones?). Smart phones are the new norm, in fact nearly 2 billion people own one – allowing those users to access email, text, calls and much more anywhere from a single device.


“Try to Remain Calm” – The Importance of Pandemic Planning


For many, the word “pandemic” brings up memories of watching “Outbreak” or reading about a disease taking its toll on a far away country. It’s not something that people – let alone organizations – think they have to worry about. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This blog post is not meant [...]


Webinar Slides: IT Incident and Disaster Alerting: Best Practices Panel Discussion

  • IT Incident Response Processes
  • Reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Automation vs. Human Intervention
  • Workforce Mobility
  • Customer Communication
  • Q&A

Download (PDF, 1.29MB)


How Can Your Business Prepare for the Potential LIRR Strike?


UPDATE: Earlier today, July 17th, an agreement was reportedly reached by both sides of the looming LIRR Strike (the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and union leaders representing LIRR employees, that is). The below still applies, and we encourage you [...]


Boost Your Citizen Registration Success Rate By Thinking Beyond Emergency Alerts


Five years ago, critical communication systems for state and local communities were designed with only one primary tactic in mind – emergency alerts. Citizens would be notified if there was a fire in the area, or if a hurricane was expected to cause substantial flooding, for example. [...]


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