Webinar Slides: IT Incident and Disaster Alerting: Best Practices Panel Discussion

  • IT Incident Response Processes
  • Reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Automation vs. Human Intervention
  • Workforce Mobility
  • Customer Communication
  • Q&A

Download (PDF, 1.29MB)


How Can Your Business Prepare for the Potential LIRR Strike?


UPDATE: Earlier today, July 17th, an agreement was reportedly reached by both sides of the looming LIRR Strike (the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and union leaders representing LIRR employees, that is). The below still applies, and we encourage you [...]


Boost Your Citizen Registration Success Rate By Thinking Beyond Emergency Alerts


Five years ago, critical communication systems for state and local communities were designed with only one primary tactic in mind – emergency alerts. Citizens would be notified if there was a fire in the area, or if a hurricane was expected to cause substantial flooding, for example. [...]


Inside Look: Connecticut’s Statewide Emergency Preparedness Exercise


In preparation for the state of Connecticut’s approaching hurricane season, the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection’s Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) facilitated a two-day, statewide emergency preparedness exercise in order to test the State’s planning, coordination, mass care, and communication readiness for potential disasters. The exercise [...]


Data Breach? Network Outage? Improve IT Incident Management…and Response


The technology industry often uses the term “disruption” as a wrapper for any sort of IT incident – whether it’s a data breach or a widespread data center outage. But for a company that’s lived through one of these incidents, the word “disruption” hardly does justice to the chaos these situations create. These [...]


Healthcare Crisis Communication: Keep it Simple to Get Your Message Across

During an emergency event, hospitals are generally one of the most hectic workplaces that you will find. This can create a multitude of issues for the essential personnel required to be on-call. If the necessary doctors and nurses aren’t being contacted to come into work, this hinders a hospital’s ability to deliver essential lifesaving [...]

The Everbridge Team is Expanding! Our New Office in Lexington, Mass

It’s an exciting week here at Everbridge’s East Coast Headquarters. On Monday, June 16th, we officially moved in to our new office location at 24 Hartwell Avenue in Lexington, MA (yes, that Lexington, MA, also the home to the first battle on our [...]

Message Mapping Can Help You Construct the Right Message During a Critical Event

    Technology is advancing every day – people expect data and information to be available and ready when needed. Having an emergency notification system that simply blasts out messages is not acceptable anymore, nor is it acceptable to “wing it” when creating messages. It is key to have a process in place well in advance [...]

Webinar Slides: IT Incident and Disaster Alerting: Using Communication to Improve Response

  • Top challenges for managing IT incident response
  • Improving mean time to repair through communication
  • Keeping customers and stakeholders up to date
  • Q&A

Download (PDF, Unknown)


The Ballad of IT Interruptions – Let’s “take a sad song, and make it better”


Network outages. Security breaches. IT interruptions. We’ve all lived through them, whether we were aware of them or not. And while they are inconvenient for you and me, they wreak utter havoc on organizations. As these types of incidents increase in regularity, we decided to take a much deeper look into how companies [...]


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