Learning from Boston: One Year After The Marathon Bombings

Boston skyline

As we approach the [...]


How Ventura County Prepares for Earthquakes and Other Disruptive Events with Everbridge

Night at Ocean Front

Last week, citizens of Southern California were delivered yet another startling wake-up call when [...]


Everbridge @ DRJ Spring World 2014


Starting on Sunday, March 30, the Everbridge team will be out in full force at the 50th annual Disaster Recovery Journal Spring World 2014 conference in sunny Orlando, Florida. We’re particularly excited for this year’s event—the premier business continuity conference—as [...]


Webinar Slides: Severe Weather 2014: Predictions and Best Practices with WDT

  • What’s in store for the upcoming season
  • Best practices for leveraging forecast data
  • Solving severe weather communication challenges
  • Q&A

Download (PDF, 3.59MB)


Webinar Slides: ISO 22301: A Gap in the Defenses

  • ISO 22301 and its emphasis on measurement
  • How to use ISO 22301 to evaluate preparedness
  • A model to help us meet ISO 22301 requirements
  • What ISO 22301 means to you
  • Q&A

Download (PDF, 6.82MB)


Manage Stress During a Crisis


How do you perform in a crisis? For many people, the physical and psychological pressures of a crisis make them more focused. However, too much stress can disrupt a person’s decision-making, reasoning, and thinking.


Critical communication expert Dr. Robert Chandler points out that in a crisis, there is an inverse relationship [...]


Can You Adapt to My Organization and Communication Needs?


Your organization wants a mass communication system that’s flexible, scalable, and easy to use. In a critical situation like a power failure or winter storm, you need a mass communication system that enables you to send messages to the right people at the right time, every time – but where can you find this [...]


Webinar Slides: Team Rubicon – Bridge the Gap – Managing Staffing and Communication During Crisis Response

  • Team Rubicon
  • Managing Staffing and Communication
  • Q&A

Download (PDF, 7.16MB)


Why Should You Promote the Adoption and Use of Best Practices?


Tell, Teach, Involve

Training and Learning Techniques for Emergency Notification and Incident Notification Personnel


“Tell me and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”



Create a Critical Communication Plan


Natural and manmade disasters are costly for organizations across the globe. These events can result in losses of life, property, and resources and cause severe damage to an organization. In fact, a blizzard, hurricane, power failure, or any other critical event can cause irrevocable damage, especially for an organization that lacks a critical communication [...]


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