Upcoming Webinar: Harnessing #Mobililty for Crisis Communications


At any given time, do you know where all your residents and staff are located? Of course not. So, when you really need to reach them, how can you figure out where to find them? During a crisis, this is not something you can determine on the fly. This is why mobility is critical. […]


Critical Communications Roundup: Mobility Edition



Welcome to the second edition of Everbridge’s Critical Communications […]


Pratt & Whitney Q&A: Employee Protection and Life Safety


When you think of a jet engine, you probably imagine a massive and intricate machine, comprised of dozens of essential interlocking parts, churning and working to keep a plane in the sky. The same can be said for Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies company and […]


Everbridge’s New HIPAA-Compliant Mobile Messaging Solution – HipaaChat


Today, Everbridge is excited to announce the launch of HipaaChat, a secure text messaging and video conferencing application designed specifically for healthcare professionals! As the name implies, the solution is in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Boasting enhanced

Everbridge in Action: Using Mobile Manager in Brentwood, Tennessee


Brentwood City Seal


It seems that every day there’s a new way to use your […]


Leveraging Your Incident Management Software to Keep Your Staff Safe


Expert Insights: Our Q&A Northwest Central Dispatch System



    It seems like every day […]


Accelerating Leadership in Community Communications and Engagement


This week Everbridge was proud to announce the acquisition of the team and assets of Nixle. This is a very strategic announcement. Nixle is a leading software platform for local, public safety and service communications that delivers real-time information from public agencies to the communities that they […]


Infographic: Improving Critical Communication Confirmation Rates



At Everbridge, we have long espoused the benefits of several communication best practices to engage your residents, employees and other key stakeholders as part of your critical communications program. One of our central tenets is that a communication strategy that employs multiple delivery […]


“The Everbridge call was the smartest thing we did”


With the New Year right around the corner, it just feels right to highlight this feel good story out of Boulder County, Colorado. It’s extremely rewarding to share this article–not only does it detail the exceptional work of the Everbridge team to deliver a life-saving product to communities around the globe, but it also […]


Molina Healthcare Q&A: Improving Critical Collaboration Between Business and IT



The healthcare industry is one of the most vital and complicated industries in the United States, comprised […]


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