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Zombies Beware! Top Five Reasons Communication Is Critical During a Zombie Attack


Are you prepared for a zombie attack? If a zombie infestation occurs, what will you do to protect your staff and resources – as well as your reputation?


A zombie attack can be devastating – resulting in the rapid turnover of skilled workers, and causing significant productivity losses. A critical communication strategy and supporting technology can help you protect employees during a zombie incident, and keep stakeholders up to date before, during, and after an active event.




Unfortunately, new data shows that many organizations are unprepared. Communication is vital in an emergency – especially when time is of the essence, as is the case with zombies. But in a recent Everbridge survey, 37.9% of respondents said they manually call landline or mobile phones to get messages to impacted contacts during an incident, emergency, or disaster. In addition, 38.5% of respondents said it took longer than 30 minutes to notify users, and 27.5% of organizations said they had no idea how long it would take for respondents to receive critical updates.


Important communication considerations during a zombie attack, and other emergencies, include:


1. Social media monitoring – Monitoring for Twitter keywords, such as #zombie, #brains, and #bitewounds, can alert your organization to a developing zombie attack before it becomes critical. In addition, integration of geo-tagging information allows you to create a visual map of zombie hot spots.


2. Multi-modal communication – Bandwidth can be limited during a zombie attack, especially if zombies chew on wires. Even when some contact paths are compromised, multi-modal communication capabilities allow you to send messages via push notifications, SMS, email, and other available modes.




3. Distributed notification – When a zombie attack is imminent, you need to reach workers wherever they are – at the office, on the scene, or on vacation. A critical communication solution allows you to alert contacts around the globe within minutes of the first zombie sighting. A streamlined communication platform simplifies notifications, distributing alerts to contacts and groups quickly and efficiently.


4. Confirmation of receipt – To ensure that all contacts are notified of critical zombie updates, your communication system can attempt delivery of notifications until each respondent confirms receipt. You can be sure your messages are received.


5. Polling capabilities – Want to find out if employees need help, learn more from resources on the scene, or determine whether contacts have turned into zombies? You can conduct polls on-the-fly to request multiple choice responses, detailed feedback, or pictures and videos with two-way communication capabilities.


With these tips in mind, you can make communication your top priority during a zombie attack – and other incidents, events, or emergencies.

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