What Does Everbridge Do?

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Fast & Reliable

The Everbridge Platform is resilient using multiple data centers at all times.

The Everbridge Platform provides the resiliency and redundancy to lower the risk of degradation and cascading failures.

Expandable infrastructure
Multiple globally-dispersed data centers with 24x7 system testing and monitoring, organized with geo-redundancy and managed by two NOCs. A flexible architecture provides resiliency and lowers the risk of degradation and cascading failures. Scales to deal with unexpected peaks.

Global Voice & Redundancy
The only critical notifications provider with redundant, global SMS and voice delivery.

Dynamic Call Throttling
Prevents overwhelming phone systems and leaves capacity open for your other critical communications.

Multi ModalNotifications can be delivered by SMS, voice, email ...to digital signage, PC alert systems, sirens--over 100 modalities in total. Multiple methods of delivery ensure reliable communication even when certain modes are unavailable during a major weather, violence or IT incident.

Globally Local

The Everbridge platform sends notifications to over 200 countries and territories. We have heavily invested in national long codes and local SMS short codes to improve the quality of delivery.

Varying data privacy regulations in Europe, content filters in China, limits on delivery volumes to comply with SPAM initiatives in the US, India, and Australia, carrier connectivity issues--these and other issues make reliable global message delivery a challenge. No single delivery path is reliable in all countries nor reliable all the time.

Optimized Routing Optimized voice call routing, advanced global SMS delivery, and secure smart phone delivery help ensure messages are received when sent.

Regulatory Compliance The ability to have contact databases in different geographic locations that can be managed and communicated to from one account meets regulatory requirements.

Message Localization Local language interfaces and prompts, message origination, and local access numbers increase the success rate of a message being opened and responded to when sent.

Application Localization Local management portal available in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English (Canada, U.S., and UK), French (Canada and Europe), German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish (Europe and Latin America).


Your security is our top priority. The SecurityEverbridge Privacy and Website Cookie Policies are designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, use and safeguard the information you provide.

Everbridge Protects your Data with:

  • SAFETY Act Designation and Certification
  • FedRAMP Authorized
  • FISMA Authorization & Accreditation
  • SSAE-16 SOC 2 & 3 Compliance

Location Aware

Getting notifications to the people affected by an incident is one of the most important facets of successful critical communication. Everbridge continues to innovate in making our platform location aware so you can reach the right people.

Precision GIS capabiltiesUse interactive map-based targeting to specify who will receive a message by zip code, street address, or radius from a specific location identified by latitude/longitude. Use a shape or combination of shapes to define boundaries. See Precision GIS for more info.

Incident ZonesSend notifications based on trouble spots. Establish an area around an event and alert all the people who enter the incident zone within a specified duration of time.

New Safety Connection dynamic locationsIn today's mobile world, 61% of employees work outside of their office at least part of the time. Send critical notifications based on where people actually are, using multi-factor location determination, not just on their office or home location. See Safety Connection for more info.

Easy Integration

Everbridge Open offers an extensive suite of RESTful APIs that can be used to trigger notifications or create and update contact information from an internal system. Our Everbridge Open API’s two-way capabilities allow third-party systems to create powerful closed-loop integrations with our platform.

Internal Systems For example, you can integrate your internal Human Resources (HR) system with the Everbridge system. Updates to employee records, contact information is automatically added, updated, or deleted in Everbridge . Trigger notifications from a third party system and display responses from recipients in that system for easy access and audit purposes.

Secure Internet of Things Secure Push enables organizations to activate and receive confirmations from Internet-connected devices, including sirens, radios, panic buttons, digital signage, or medical devices.

Enterprise Applications Full integration with Zapier makes it fast and easy to include Everbridge critical communications processes, using rules and triggers based on specific events, with applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Amazon S3, Hipchat, and over 300 web, productivity and social media applications.

Email Ingestion Email Ingestion lets users trigger notifications simply by sending an email to Everbridge. This is also an easy way, with no coding required, to create integrations with IT Monitoring and Service Management tools, CRM systems, and CAD systems.