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When IT fails, business operations are at risk and impacted customers become frustrated.

To minimize the impact of IT system downtime, you need to ensure that the right IT staff is engaged as quickly as possible, that the stakeholders stay informed and impacted customers are notified.

On-Call Scheduling

Using manual processes to identify the teams and the individuals responsible for responding to an IT outage is inefficient and time-consuming which increases the time to service restoration

The ability to accelerate on-call staff response to unplanned IT issues helps organizations restore services within their service level agreements. IT Alerting calendar and shift management keep staff on-call schedules up to date and automatically determine who's on-call (primary and backup), and who to escalate to should that be needed.

Richard Moore Maryland Aviation Administration
We use Everbridge IT Alerting first and foremost as a way of contacting on-call personnel when emergency pages come into the system, or when temperature alerts are generated.  Our organization also leverages the multiple delivery paths and send messages to different audiences based on rules. We have always received excellent support from Everbridge.
Mark Hydar Head of Development Operations for the MediaFirst Unit, Ericsson
Everbridge IT Alerting notifes internal stakeholders, and they respond, with ‘I’ve got it handled.’ The issue is then resolved, and nobody knows anything happened… The Everbridge brand is trusted. The beauty of IT Alerting is having a consistent, predictable, repeatable process with timely and relevant communications. And Everbridge facilitates every single piece of that.

Multi Messages, Multi Channel

Companies that rely on emails to contact people, quickly realize that emails don't wake up anybody in the middle of the night.This causes delays and lack of ownership, increases the number of frustrated customers and can potentially aggravate the original situation. Under these chaotic circumstances, proactive communication to stakeholders and impacted users is just not even considered. 

When an IT issue strikes, companies must communicate with different groups of people in a timely manner and a consistent way. Targeted Notifications enables you to automatically identify and contact the right IT staff via multiple communication paths simultaneously.

Team Collaboration

When every minute counts, it can be challenging to engage all response team members in different locations, countries and time zones. 

Manually sending out conference bridge dial-in information is time consuming, reduces the team efficiency and therefore increases the duration of the outage.

'1-click’ conferencing capability means people can quickly jump on a team call. No number to memorize or dial, no access code to enter; get automatically connected to the conference from a voice message, a sms or an email from anywhere in the world. 

Merv DeGuzman Vice President of IT, Oakwood Worldwide
System uptime and reliability are critical to Oakwood Worldwide. With a global footprint and operations happening in every major time zone, our systems must be monitored 24x7. Everbridge IT Alerting has improved the ability of our team to respond to issues more quickly ensuring that our service levels are maximized. Our team has benefited from this application as it provides targeted communication to the right IT team members and offers the ability for our IT team to collaborate to resolve issues.
Independent Cyber Risk Management Advisors
Everbridge, Inc. provides critical event management and enterprise safety applications that automate and accelerate an organization’s operational response to critical events to keep people safe and businesses running faster. Companies can have confidence in Everbridge’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability of service when they need it most, as a result of reviews through Coalfire’s assessment programs.

IT Alerting Integrations

IT environments are complex and receiving emails every time something goes wrong, can very quickly overwhelm and lead to alert fatigue.

IT Alerting for ServiceNow and BMC Remedy help improve the communication workflows and streamline the end-to-end incident management processes. Using the 2-way certified integration, your ITSM system becomes a single pane of glass for all your incident communications. From within the incident screen, trigger targeted notifications to the right IT response teams, via Voice, SMS, Conference calls, or Mobile app push notifications to ensure fastest incident resolution. Trigger notifications from any system via email.

Reporting, Auditing and Analysis

Post-mortem analysis is tough because typically there is very little forensic information available.

IT Alerting provide quick access to detailed reports and audit trails. Know instantly who was contacted, via which communication channel, as well as who responded, at what time. Incident managers can also easily decline callers or mute participants.

Bryan Draper Security Operations Manager, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Roche Pharmaceuticals uses the Everbridge system for any event that may alter the normal routine of the facility. We have found that one of the most important things in these situations is training and practice. In this way, we ensure that we have put in place the right system and practices to mitigate the risk associated with critical incidents.

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