Quick and reliable communication for every academic institution.

When responding to an emergency, from a school lockdown or criminal threat to severe weather, the ability to quickly notify your entire community (students, responders,  neighbors, faculty and staff) – and confirm receipt of that notification – can protect both life and property.

Keep the Community Informed


University and college campuses are extremely busy places with multiple groups of people including students, parents, campus visitors, sports fans and more. In emergency situations, colleges and universities have a responsibility to keep students and faculty safe. Everbridge delivers multi-modal, campus-wide alerts about emergency situations, school closings and campus events to keep the community informed.

The Everbridge Solution

Public Health Emergencies

Sustain communications throughout public health emergencies, such as H1N1. Provide safety and prevention tips, symptom information, vaccine logistics (locations, times, and follow-up shot reminders), and more.

Proper Prior Preparation

Plan ahead for campus emergency events with Incident Management. Decrease the time it takes to send out a broadcast by utilizing communications templates that include pre-defined messages, delivery paths, recipients and more. Configure Incident management to fit the needs of your organization with separate communications plans by incident type, public safety group or hazardous response. Coordinate briefings with campus security and university officials using on-the-fly conference calling.

Continuity of Operations and Compliance

Prevent the spread of misinformation and rumors through proactive, ongoing communications. Provide ongoing status updates as an incidents evolve. Keep students, faculty, and staff to informed of changes to campus policies and procedures. Stay compliant with the Clery Act and U.S. Department of Education’s Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) notification and reporting requirements.

Mobile Communications

Keep key constituents informed during critical events and initiate “on-the-go” mass notification and incident management using ManageBridge.

Ronald M. Quagliani Associate Vice President of Public Safety & Administrative Services, University of New Haven
The initial message went out from my cell phone minutes after I received the call of the potential threat to the campus. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with any other product. It really reinforced why I chose a school alert system from Everbridge.

Keep the Community Safe


Enhance emergency preparedness by accessing situational intelligence that could impact students and faculty near your campus, using customized alerts based on proximity, severity, and type.

The Everbridge Solution

Campus Evacuations

Manage evacuations, provide shelter-in-place guidance, and issue status updates and re-entry instructions. Include maps and other important documentation as attachments to the message. Alert students, faculty, and staff of facility closures and class cancellations and resumption.

Automate Severe Weather Alerts

Keeping residents informed when severe weather threatens is not efficient or nearly as effective when using a manual approach. SMARTWeather Alerting automates outreach warnings for fast moving severe weather when residents need to take shelter or evacuate quickly. Leverage accurate lightning warnings around specific locations like stadiums and sports fields to have plenty of time to keep residents safe and get back to the game quickly.


Active Shooter Response

Everbridge Safety Connection lets you instantly assess who is in the building based on badge access, network connection and static office location. It automatically keeps students, staff and faculty locations current even when they are moving between buildings and campuses. Target specific locations with the right message. For instance, people in ‘Building A’ may be told to shelter in place whereas people ‘Building B’ should “evacuate using the south stairwell.”

Personal Protection

Safety Connection provides students and faculty with a SOS mobile application to immediately notify security teams and collect pictures and videos if triggered.

Confirm Safety and Assistance Needs

Quickly collect instant acknowledgments that a message was actually received and determine who needs assistance and who has evacuated to meet mustering and evacuation requirements.


Lynn B. Daley Director of Business Continuity, Rochester Institute of Technology
During our test last year (in September), it took less than 30 seconds to log in, select a message and dispatch that message. Within 20 seconds all devices had been activated using one interface (in that case it was, Alertus). This integration means that public safety doesn’t have to take any time to think about what system is used for what, then log into one and send, then log into another and send. It’s all in one place, with one send, for all devices.

Communicate Across Diverse Groups


Communicating important information can be a challenge, especially for university's and college campuses with large-scale groups including students, parents, campus visitors, sports fans and more. In order to share information relevant with each specific group, higher education institutions need to provide multiple opt-in methods to build a dynamic contact database.

The Everbridge Solution

One Click Updates

A wide-variety of groups rely on universities to keep them engaged and informed. Use Community Engagement’s one-click publishing capabilities to reach all different types of groups at a moment’s notice. You can share information through various communication channels including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, webpage, voice, Everbridge Network, and email with a click of a button.

Improve Day to Day Internal Communications

Decrease time-consuming and costly manual paper communications with social media posts and SMS text messages to students. Provide paperless tuition due reminders with payment fulfillment dates. Use volunteer call outs to fill staffing and student volunteer resource gaps.

Increase Your Opt-In Power

Community Engagement provides multiple opt-in methods that allow students, staff, families, visitors and other community members with the ability to easily sign-up for:

  • Anonymous mobile opt-ins: Residents can text their zip code to 888777
  • Keyword opt-ins: Leverage and promote events based on keywords for sporting events, festivals, concerts and conventions
  • Custom Branding Opt-in Portal

Improve Community Relations

Keep community members informed of traffic, construction and event information.

Fix IT Problems Faster


It is critical for universities and campuses to lessen the negative impact of system downtime by minimizing how long it takes to notify IT response teams and fix problems, especially on today's connected campuses.

The Everbridge Solution

Team Collaboration

When every minute counts, it can be challenging to engage all response team members in different locations. IT Alerting’s '1-click’ conferencing capability means people can quickly jump on a team call. No number to memorize or dial, no access code to enter; get automatically connected to the conference from a voice message, a SMS or an email from anywhere in the world.

Multi-Modal Alerting

Even when connectivity is weak or unavailable, use IT Alerting to broadcast messages to virtually any communication device with support for multiple contact paths including voice, SMS, push notification app, email, pager, landline and more.

On-call Scheduling Workforce Management

Does your IT team currently use a manual process to identify available personnel? On-Call Scheduling workforce management combines real-time shift calendars with integrated on-call notifications to help you better manage your employee resources. Simplify workforce scheduling by creating multiple calendars and shifts the needs of each team. Assign shift quotas based on certification, skill, or any attribute.

Integration with Ticketing systems

IT Alerting integrates directly with ServiceNow and BMC Remedy to improve the communication workflows and streamline the end-to-end incident management processes. Using the 2-way certified integration, your ITSM system becomes a single pane of glass for all your incident communications. Don’t use ServiceNow or BMC Remedy? we have a solution for you too.

Director for IT System Support A Leading Private Research University
Using IT Alerting has made it a lot more efficient for our NOC when responding to IT incidents. The group no longer has to search offline for on-call schedules and contact information and can easily escalate communications to the right staff, at the right time. This ensures our staff are collaborating on a conference bridge to triage the issues at hand.