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Return to work solutions

Compliance & safety

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Plan a safe return to the workplace

Protect your remote and hybrid workforce

Business leaders are challenged with how to support new working models and protect employees in response to COVID-19. With employees slowly returning to the job site and travel the pandemic continues to present ever-evolving conditions.

To safeguard operations and protect the digital and physical safety of returning staff, companies require a solution that offers employee engagement tools, as well as visual, hyper-local and contextualized data accessible in real-time.

Everbridge Managed Return to Work Solutions™ pairs our Critical Event Management (CEM) platform with a new COVID-19 Shield solution, to help business leaders mitigate coronavirus-related disruption, understand employee needs and reestablish pre-crisis levels of safety and operations— all through a single pane of glass.

Streamline operations for a safe return to office

Our solution keeps your business efficient and compliant

From technology concerns to employee well-being, the rapid shift to flexible work during the pandemic has continued to present challenges for businesses to navigate. Improve control and ensure a successful and efficient return to work strategy. We help organizations of all sizes implement effective safety protocols for employees and contractors, including risk assessment, rapid contact tracing, vaccination verification, and capacity management. Get oversight and control for better business continuity during critical events through aligned communication and mass notification across all worksites. Overcome disruptions with purpose-built data feeds, quick-start templates, and integrated modules that will help you reopen with confidence by:

Protecting people

Streamline business operations to manage new regulations for monitoring operational capacity and vaccine status to meet obligations for Duty of Care.

Managing process at scale

Plan a safe and sustainable strategy for return-to-work that supports ways to effectively manage vaccination status, facility capacity, and the location of workers.

Reducing risk

Ensure adherence to state, local and federal vaccine mandates. Everbridge solutions will help keep your organization safe, operating at capacity and within compliance guidelines.

Features and benefits

COVID-19 Return to Work by Everbridge is fully prepared to help you overcome pandemic disruptions with purpose-built data feeds, quick-start templates and integrated modules. This comprehensive solution supports organizations with key features and benefits, including:

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Vaccination compliance

Enable employees to self-report COVID-19 vaccination status, symptoms or infections, and receive information on closest testing locations.

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Facility capacity management

Manage daily facility in-office limits with automated capacity planning, and end-to-end contact tracing through automated tracking of infected workers.

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Risk assessment

Stay ahead of potential risk developments with visual, real-time, hyper-local, rich, contextual data on severe weather, new COVID-19 outbreaks and more.

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Global, real-time data

Draw from 22,000 data sources across 175 countries, tracking virus hotspots, travel restrictions, quarantines and more to protect employees in any location.

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Digital repositories

Offer employees access to a digital repository filled with important COVID-19 news and resources to help them stay apprised of the latest developments.

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Special needs registries

Take advantage of over 100 communication modalities, including surveys, wellness checks and video messaging to verify statuses for vulnerable individuals.

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Asset tracking and management

Automatically identify and manage impact to supply chain and transportation routes by tracking production stoppages and closures with a complete audit trail.

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Crowd intelligence

Manage daily facility in-office limits with automated capacity planning, and end-to-end contact tracing through automated tracking of infected workers.

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Why Everbridge?

Since the inception of the pandemic we’ve leveraged our Critical Event Management (CEM) expertise to collaborate with organizations to overcome the obstacles to Return to Work and to Return to Public Spaces with a particular focus on security, operations, risk, human resources, clinical operations, emergency management, and supply chain.

The future of work

Is your company ready to navigate new work trends?

In this interview with Cara Antonacci, VP of Global People & Culture here at Everbridge, she talks about how new trends point to a need to become an agile organization to retain and engage talent. Today’s automation tools enable global organizations to be agile by adopting new processes and technology to measure productivity and maintain a flexible and safe work environment.

future of work discussion with Cara Antonacci from Everbridge

“We needed to know not only where our employees were, but where our employees have been. With offices around the globe in 18-20 timezones, using things like frankly the Everbridge tool to alert our employees on their mobile phones.”

Beth Grous

Chief People Officer, Tripadvisor

Ensure a successful return to work strategy

Improve oversight of your workforce and overcome safety challenges

Everbridge solutions help organizations of all sizes implement effective safety protocols for employees and contractors, including enabling fast risk assessment and rapid contact tracing. With Everbridge, you can quickly align communications, send mass notifications during critical events and maintain business continuity across all work sites with greater oversight and control.

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Manage employees from anywhere

Leverage a powerful and seamless solution to respond quickly to cyber disruptions and communicate incident resolution progress to employees and stakeholders.

Employee engagement

Achieve maximum workforce engagement

Survey employees to assess their health and needs and conduct regular wellness checks to quickly determine employee readiness for returning to work.

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Duty of care

Protect the physical health of your employees

Supplement or complement existing manual contact tracing efforts to improve accuracy and speed of COVID-19 tracing to protect every employee.

Operational resilience to minimize impact to digital and physical assets

Maintain business continuity by quickly pinpointing potential impact to people, assets and production resources before, during and after a critical event.

office employees responding to threat data
Tracy Reinhold discussing insider threat protection

Insider threat protection

In this clip, our CSO, Tracy Reinhold, discusses the need to turn to automated technology to protect against insider threats with a hybrid workforce. Today’s employees work throughout the day, and technology helps to ensure insider-threat and security breaches can be easily detected and addressed.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that every organization — regardless of size or industry, and most importantly for every operating location — needs a pandemic management plan that encompasses the respond and recover phases of the crisis.”

Gartner Market Guide for Crisis/Emergency Management and COVID-19 Safe Return to Work Solutions

woman showing vaccine info via phone app at an office security entrance point

Business requirements

What you need

  • Disable access badges.
  • Notify stakeholders of specific events.
  • Keep track of employees accessing facilities using badging system data.
  • Send messages to employees approaching organization facilities.

Business solutions

How we help

  • Keep track of employees that are vaccinated.
  • Request access to go to the office.
  • Automatically authorize / deny access to facility.
  • Keep track of who has been in which office and when.
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Solution information

Return to work – contact tracing and beyond for federal agencies

team discussing contact tracing data

As federal employees return to work, COVID-19 remains a constant presence with new outbreaks every day. Stay ahead of all potential risk developments with contact tracing.

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