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The Power of

Critical Event Management

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Business Benefits of Critical Event Management

The Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform is built on the most secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure with multiple layers of redundancy to provide real-time threat detection, situational awareness, integrated response, and collaboration capabilities all with a single, enterprise-wide view. 

Our approach to Critical Event Management enables organisations to quickly and reliably: 

  • Gain clarity of threats 
  • Reduce the time to initiate action 
  • Minimise the cost to restore normal operations 
  • Gain a common operating picture across the organisation 

Forrester research reports that organisations with a unified approach to Critical Event Management have been able to minimise the impact of critical events, to a moderate or high degree, in the following areas:

  • Revenue Protection
  • Customer Safety
  • Brand and Reputation
  • Employee Safety

Assess. Locate. Act. Analyse.

With crime, terror, and incident data feeds coming from law enforcement, photos and videos coming from people on the front line, topics trending on social media, and logistical information originating from internal systems, it can be almost impossible to locate a real signal among all the noise and chatter. Critical Event Management provides an easy way to aggregate hundreds of threat data feeds and visualise the intelligence data within the context of an organisation’s assets.  This contextual understanding is vital to understanding the relationship between threat data and the individuals or facilities in harm’s way.

Locate Key Personnel

Standardise Actions

Minutes matter when responding to critical events. To reduce the mean time to repair a critical event organisations need to be prepared to execute their standing operating procedures (SOPs) fully within a Critical Event Management platform.

Analyse Performance

It’s not uncommon for critical response teams to think that a critical event is over once the immediate crisis has ended. After all, they are often the ones pushing themselves to exhaustion and sometimes risking life and limb to protect their neighbors, colleagues, community reputations, and company brands.