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Public Safety Solutions

Public Safety Solutions

Communicate Before, During, and After a Critical Event

The frequency of natural and human-made disasters is on the rise, and simultaneously, monitoring, collaborating, and communicating during incidents is becoming increasingly complex. Harnessing the ability to monitor critical events, alert the population, and mobilize a coordinated response across multiple agencies is paramount to public safety.

For over 20 years, Everbridge has been a trusted partner to governments worldwide. From fires or floods to terrorist attacks, we’ve monitored potential hazards, preparing, responding to incidents, and effectively providing the right people with the right information. Be it a country-wide emergency or a neighborhood outage, communities rely on Everbridge to keep them informed and safe.

Key Benefits for Public Safety

Know Earlier

Get the most accurate hyper-local weather information and potential threats so you are better prepared.

Respond Faster

Mobilize a coordinated response team quickly with integrated systems, secure messaging, and error-proof templates.

Inform Quicker

Quickly reach out to your constituents and the people impacted using 100+ concurrent modalities.

Reach Everyone

Leave no-one behind. Reach out to the most residents and visitors in your jurisdiction.

Know Earlier

Hyper-Local Weather Monitoring

Receive accurate, hyper-local weather information and automatically notify employees, residents, and other key stakeholders in the affected area. Automatically broadcast customized messages based on the type and severity of the event.

Discover communication best practices public safety officials can use before, during, and after severe weather to help keep people safe.

Reach the Right People

It’s every government’s top priority to ensure the protection of citizens, residents, visitors, and tourists in their territory against threats to their communities’ well-being. Typically, this includes the responsibility to warn and inform the public on what to do before, during, and after critical events. Given the surge in the use of personal mobile telephony versus landline, Everbridge next-generation population alerting system leverages mobile network technologies for best efficiency and maximum reach.

Critical Infrastructure Control

Protect critical infrastructure and maintain operations control by integrating a variety of systems, devices, and sensors to provide one centralized security operation center. Detect and respond to activities, such as perimeter intrusion, gunshots, and fire.

Why Public Safety Leaders Count On Everbridge

Keeping People and Assets Safe is Our Mission

Government agencies at all levels and sizes leverage Everbridge’s mission-critical solutions to prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents. Hear how public safety leaders depend on real-time information, collaboration across teams and jurisdictions to keep people safe wherever they live, work, and visit.

State of Connecticut

Proactively monitor the risks to your workforce anywhere in the world they will be working.

  • Understand emerging risks to people whether they are working in the office, remotely, in the field, or while traveling.
  • Real-time risk verification and correlation, focusing on risks relevant to the business’s operations.
  • 24X7X365 Global Monitoring protecting operations anywhere on the globe.

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Rapidly respond to events impacting your workforce’s safety, security, health, and wellness.

  • Prepare an organization for potential risk with proactive, engaging communications.
  • Orchestrate response in real-time from anywhere, including mobile.
  • Communicate with your workforce in real-time wherever they are working today.

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National Capital Region

Secure, reliable, and scalable

  • Communicate quickly and reliably during emergencies.
  • Confirm message delivery with real-time insights.
  • Access secure team collaboration.
  • Safeguard data with world-class security, policies, and controls.
  • Proven and trusted by millions across 200+ countries.

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“The community engagement and emergency uses of Everbridge are endless. Just use your imagination. Our entire county, across the public and private sector, residents and visitors, is better connected.”

Emergency Management Director, Hall County Georgia

Communicate Effectively Throughout a Critical Event

Reach the Right People with the Right Message at the Right Time

It is essential to communicate effectively with community members, government employees, and key stakeholders throughout the entirety of a critical event, as these messages could be lifesaving.

Life Safety Info for Emergency Call Centers

Through a partnership with RapidSOS, equip emergency call centers with life-saving incident-specific information about the caller that they are not receiving today to accelerate emergency response and improve its efficiency.

Emergency Communications

Connect internal systems to integrate information or trigger notifications remotely based on thresholds. Leverage Everbridge’s APIs or no-coding options to connect with CAD, HR, and IT systems into Everbridge.

Incident Collaboration

Mobilize a coordinated response quickly. Automate and error-proof communications with message libraries, pre-scripted templates, and processes. Send communications from anywhere, including from a smartphone or tablet

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary needed a flexible and easy way to alert and manage its thousands of volunteers across numerous Districts and geographies. Here’s how Everbridge solved this problem.

Event Communications

Keep more residents and visitors aware and prepared. Build active and engaged communities through one-step text message opt-ins to event keywords and zip codes (for US locations). Send rich information including links to photos, maps, and more.

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Emergency Communications

Target your communications as broad or precise you need by geo-targeting, subscriber opt-ins, customized questionnaires, special needs registries, or boundary shapefiles. Confirm your messages get noticed with over 100+ communications channels, including true SMS texts, voice, email, web, desktop alerts, social media, mobile app, IPAWS channels, and hundreds of IP accessible digital signs, sirens, and speakers. Easy integrations with existing systems.

Learn how this local agency leverages Everbridge for sending situational reports to key stakeholders, achieving 26,000 Spanish and English notification opt-ins, and pre-scripted messaging templates.

Life Safety Database

Extend your community lifelines and reach your residents and businesses across landline, VoIP, and mobile phone numbers with direct access to the largest localized database of US residential and business phone numbers for official life safety communications.

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Public Safety Solutions Datasheet

Protect people, property and critical infrastructure before, During, and after a critical event.

Everbridge Contributes to Research on Societal Resilience

Everbridge contributes to the Project-ENGAGE consortium to help shape and innovate the ways in which technology can improve disaster management through better community engagement, including prototyping future innovative solutions.

Mitigating the Impact of Severe Weather

As severe weather continues to threaten more people and cause greater harm, building resilience against natural hazards and climate threats is paramount: the time for governments and enterprises to act is now.

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