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Emergency Notifications Keep Virginia Tech Campus Informed During Crisis

Yesterday at Virginia Tech University, students were informed there was a gunman on campus just minutes after the police were called. Using Everbridge’s cutting-edge technology, which powers the “VT Alert” system, students and employees received the emergency notification at 12:36pm, just six minutes after a report came in to local law enforcement reporting a suspect opening fire.

Everbridge’s emergency alerting system was deployed by the Virginia Tech after tragic shootings on the campus in 2007. It was designed to communicate emergency information as quickly and reliably as possible to keep the university community safe from potential danger.

Everbridge’s VT Alert system is designed to be accessed at a moments notice, and is accessible to university employees through computers or mobile devices. Additionally, responses and data from the alert are collected (which can be determined by the system administrators) and are available immediately to provide up to date information. The campus was notified and asked to ‘shelter-in-place’, until 4:30 p.m. when officials lifted the alert.

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