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Port of Los Angeles Q&A: Critical employee and stakeholder communications


The Port of Los Angeles, located in San Pedro, California, is a very busy operation. In fact, it is the largest port in the United States by container volume and cargo value. In 2007 alone it handled a record-breaking 8.4 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), and now the Port generates 919,000 regional jobs and $39.1 billion in annual wages and tax revenues.

Given the Port’s geographical location on the coast of California, and it’s popularity, a variety of incidents, ranging from severe weather events like earthquakes, to more frequent traffic accidents, fires and hazmat spills, can have a sudden and serious impact on operations. So how does Port of LA take control of these situations to proactively manage internal and external communications between staff, including Port directors and police, and external stakeholders, including customers, city departments (e.g. LA City Fire Department) and partner agencies (e.g. Coast Guard)?

Allow us to introduce you to Keith Garcia, Emergency Management Coordinator for the Los Angeles Port Police, to help explain the Port’s employee and stakeholder communications process. In the below video, Keith describes how the Port uses Everbridge’s Unified Critical Communication Suite to connect and collaborate with staff, responders and stakeholders during all types of events. Any questions? Let us know and we would be happy to share more insights from Keith.

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