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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Critical event management

Experience Everbridge 360™

Everbridge 360™ customers gain a range of benefits, including:  


Reduce time to communicate

Accelerate critical communication and operational incident response processes, ensuring vital information reaches the right people in real-time, reducing response times during critical events.


Faster onboarding for new users

Enable quicker onboarding for new users, allowing your organization to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities from the start.


Minimize errors in communication

Mitigate the risk of errors in sending communications, enhancing accuracy and reliability during critical situations.

Everbridge 360™ creates Best in Resilience organizations

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The power of Everbridge 360™

Everbridge 360™ represents our relentless dedication to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and unified interface to manage critical events across one single platform so you can know earlier, respond faster, and improve continuously.

More effectively manage critical events, minimize communication delays, and improve overall organizational resilience through the industry’s most advanced and unified dashboard.

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Everbridge 360 multi-channel delivery

Unmatched reach and multi-channel delivery: The Everbridge 360 advantage

Through the power of the Everbridge 360™ platform, organizations can connect with individuals through a wide array of communication channels on mobile and desktop devices. In life-threatening situations or during business disruptions, when seconds matter, critical messages are delivered with precision. Mobile SMS alerts and full-screen desktop takeovers provide an immediate and commanding presence, ensuring that critical messages capture attention immediately.

What is critical event management?

Critical event management represents a ‘must have’ set of standards and best practices that forward-looking CXOs and boards increasingly incorporate into how they govern operational risk from unplanned events. Effective critical event management empowers how organizations manage, respond to, and mitigate a crisis, protecting revenue while improving cost efficiencies.

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User navigating Everbridge 360 CEM platform

How does Everbridge 360™ drive organizational resilience?

Everbridge 360™ provides the most complete, enterprise-grade platform for responding to critical events whether physical, digital, external, or internal. Everbridge 360™ helps organizations optimize their response efforts and achieve a higher level of resilience, eliminating navigation delays and streamlining message activation.  With Everbridge 360™, users can seamlessly transition between applications within the Everbridge ecosystem, providing a cohesive experience that ensures faster, more accurate, and reliable response and communications.

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